Franchise Opportunity

An unbeatable business opportunity to be part of something truly special

We are looking for new partners to grow with. People who want something more from their working lives and are ready to jump straight in and take over a business which is already up and running and making great money. People who can join us in riding the rising tide of sushi’s popularity with kiosks in the most visible, high-traffic areas of two of Britain’s largest supermarkets.

Currently there are around 500 YO! and Panku Streetfood kiosks in Tesco and Asda supermarkets in every region of mainland UK. Over the last 9 months during the first phase of franchising the kiosks more than 150 kiosks have been taken on by new franchisees after a huge amount of interest and enquiries. Now in phase 2 we are looking for new partners to take on the remaining 350 or so kiosks under a franchise license. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to tap straight into a business which is already up and running and making money.

As an experienced franchisors, with thousands of partners around the globe already operating highly successful restaurants and kiosks, we know exactly how to help prospective business owners like you to achieve their dreams.

Your future customers

Tesco market share 27.3%, Asda is 14.3%, which means almost half of all people who regularly visit a supermarket (which is everyone!) walks past one of our kiosks every time they go shopping. A great number stop and buy our products, a number which is growing all the time. A typical supermarket sees an average of 4,000 customers per day so, in any given area, that is 10s of thousands of potential customers every week. All there right in front of you.

Most new businesses, even ones backed by a proven franchise model like ours, can take months, or even years, to build their reputation and start seeing a return on their investment. Not so with a Snowfox UK franchise! You’ll be able to take on the existing customer base right from day one and enjoy an immediate revenue stream, as well as plenty of potential for growth.

With a Snowfox UK franchise, you won’t need to start up, but you’ll have plenty of opportunities to build up!

Who we’re looking for

We are looking for franchisees who will either act as owner/operators themselves, or would like to own and operate multiple locations, and we are looking for the energy and passion that comes from a direct personal investment in the brand to really shine through to our customers. Snowfox prides itself on its excellent service and customer rapport, so we want this to come across in all our franchise outlets too.

However, we are certainly open to potential multi-unit operators, who recognise the wide appeal the brand has, and have the leadership skills to inspire this same level of commitment and passion in their teams.

Why we franchised

You might be wondering: if YO! and Panku kiosk are already so successful, why are we franchising them?

How well are 400+ supermarket kiosks are doing really speaks for itself, but we believe they can be so much more. Our extensive experience in franchising our restaurants all around the world has taught us just what an incredible model it is for both us and our partners. By recruiting franchise partners like yourself, we are attracting highly motivated individuals to our business. People who take a deep personal interest in how their business performs.

For us, franchising gives us the opportunity to grow our business and brand without losing sight of our core values and what makes all the Snowfox brands so special: people like you!

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