For the Love of Sushi

Sushi has been around for centuries in Japan, of course, but until brands like YO! smashed onto the London food scene in the 1990s, and Snowfox and Bento launched in North America, it was considered a very niche cuisine.

With restaurants like ours making it more accessible and visible to the general public, sushi’s popularity has grown and grown even beyond our wildest expectations. It is rightfully considered one of the healthiest foods in the world as it boasts mountains of fresh and minimally processed ingredients like seafood, vegetables, soybeans and rice. Combined with great flavours and unmistakable freshness, it has moved from rare delicacy to a delicious treat enjoyed by millions.

In fact, sushi has gone way past just being an exciting addition to the UK food scene, and is now a mainstream part of the British diet. For us, and our customers, it’s even become a way of life!

Suddenly, sushi is everywhere with restaurants popping up in every ton and city. However, the clean, bright designs and fresh cuisine of the Snowfox brands are instantly recognisable anywhere as the go-to option for customers in this ever-growing market.

Internationally, the Snowfox group now serves more than 60 million trays of sushi every year in nearly 4000 different locations around the world. Our 2020 sales totalled more than US$440million, and a whopping 73% of this revenue comes from our kiosks.

Owning a Snowfox UK kiosk, either as a YO! Sushi in Tesco, or Panku in Asda, is anything but just another food line among thousands of others available in those supermarkets. They are a destination within a destination for anyone who loves fresh, delicious, feel-good food. Our kiosks are designed to stand out from the crowd, and being part of our franchise is an unbeatable chance for you to do just the same.

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